Lorem Ipsum Passacaglia NFT

The very first and unique
Symphonic NFT work

Trying to bring Classical Music to Crypto space and viceversa, a group of our musicians came up with a perfect idea. Create the world first and unique Lorem Ipsum symphonic work and of course, instead of performing it on any concert hall, we created it as a unique piece of art in the form of NFT.

A group of collaborators and creators of Iberia Classics artists joined to create together the first NFT Art of our group, but even more, this is the world’s very first NFT Symphonic work.

This is very first symphonic NFT work ever published. We are not using pre-recorded well-known musical works, but instead our idea is to excel and go beyond the mere reproduction, being the first group to create a symphonic work (for string orchestra and choir) of the random text used all across internet known as “Lorem Ipsum”.

All rights reserved © This piece was registered in the SGAE (General Society for Authors and Editors in Spain) and any duplication, alteration or copy of the Audio, Composition or Video will be prosecuted. This piece is meant to be exclusively minted for NFT format.

Update 2021-04-28 22:56 CET
NFT Sold for 1 Ethereum to https://opensea.io/accounts/Antagonist4ever.
Big thank you for supporting #NFTArt and #ClassicalMusic

The Lorem Ipsum symphonic work is a very special piece of beauty to your ears, only for one special classical music lover collector

Katerina Tretyakova, int. Soprano
TitleLorem Ipsum passacaglia
Listen on YoutubeLorem Ipsum Passacaglia Video
StatusSold for 1 Ethereum
Duration4min 58sec
Instruments* 6 Violin 1st
* 5 Violin 2nd
* 4 Viola
* 4 Cello
* 2 Double Bass
* 1 Timpani
Choirs* 15 Tenor
* 15 Bass
* 15 Soprano
* 15 Alto
* 15 boys (white voices)

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