NFT Classics – Symphonic & Choir Series

About us

We are a team of music experts and computer scientists who share a common passion for classical music and new technologies. We are fascinated by how these emerging trends are transforming our society and creating new possibilities for the future.

Our goal is to create something unique and innovative: turning internet themes into music.

Our project is led by Dr. Carolina Estrada ( and, who is the main coordinator, idea generator, and music composer.

We will publish our work online, but we also want to make it more valuable and exclusive by converting it into a Non-fungible token (NFT).

Know our team

Spanish Bull

Funny enough, our team, it is formed by people from Spain (well known for their bulls) and people living in Bern, Switzerland (the bears, as its flag and name shows).

With this we did achieve a new equilibrium and harmony, the same way as Crypto Currencies and traiding does.

Flag of Bern
(Swiss Bear)

Team members

The idealists

The young and ambitious minds behind the idea:

Albert Garcia

Web design, NFT creator, Crypto analyst, Video creation, Marketing…

Our virtual artists

30 Men

30 Women

no-photo-icon-22 - Banff Venture Forum
15 boys
Concert Master
no-photo-icon-22 - Banff Venture Forum
String section
Strings section
Wood Wind section
Head Violin 1
Brass section
Head Viola 1
Strings section

How it was made

Portrait - FRIKE GROUP // contract manufacturing Switzerland
Swiss Quality

Our team have between their members and collaborators PhDs in Music (Doctor in Musical Arts), Masters, Bachelors and extensive careers working as collaborative musicians, soloists and chamber music in many countries (Spain, Sultanate of Oman, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Ukraine, etc) as well as many academic figures working several years as Musicologists in many different countries.

The project, starts and is produced in the beautiful capital of Switzerland, Bern. This project follows the Swiss high quality standards of Classical Music production delivering the so called “Swiss quality“.

High quality recordings

Our equipments when recording were top quality but most importantly, we followed the BAG (Bundesamt für Gesundheit) recommendations. These pieces were recorded during the Covid 19 pandemic (2021 ~ ongoing work) and therefore, it follows the social distancing procedures. All the artists recorded their parts separately and assembled during post production.

Our projects

We are still working on some of our projects. Follow us in Twitter so we will post when our next project is released to listen to it or even to buy it in form of NFT.

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Passacaglia in A minor

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Passacaglia in A minor

A master piece, involving multiple musicians working in a unique piece of art for more than 3 months. Creating exclusively this composition and recording for NFT format (only).

Crypto Series
The Music of the charts

Crypto series
The Music of the charts

A series of Symphonic poems dedicated to traders and collectors passionate about the crypto space. How do the candles sound when performed by a Symphonic Orchestra and Choirs? Enjoy this epic experience and take the chance to acquire the very first and original Bitcoin symphony (or the Bitcoin sound) as an #NFT collectible. Also we are about to release other coins such ETH, ADA, BNB…

Crypto Series
One Crypto Coin a Day

Crypto series
One Crypto Coin A Day

We are launching a sonic experience for crypto lovers and professional traders. For the first time, you will be able to listen to the movement of the candles.

Our goal


With all the money acquired with our NFT selling, we would like to pay our musicians and give part of it to an ONG for musicians who are healing the bounds caused by the Covid19 pandemic with music and arts.


We would like to continue working on research and expand our team and resources (equipment, time, expertise…) to provide more value in the future. For that, we cannot afford more than what we currently have, so any donations will be reinvested into our Project.

or just buy us a coffee (any small donation will make a big difference to us)